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Infertility is a very common problem in the United States with one out of every five couples affected. And it is becoming more wide spread.

The cause of infertility may be due to problems either male or female or both with sperm, ovlation, fallopian tubes, mucus in the cervix or some other reasons. Traditional Chinese Medicine has over 4000 years history of treating female's health problems. It provides an option for modern women for all ages with astonishingly high effectiveness comparing with other methods.

Dr. Zhao is very experienced in treating female health problems such as: Endometrosis, Irregular Menstruation, Pre Menstrul Syndrom (PMS), Uterine Fibrosis, Miscarriage, Menopause Syndromes, Infertility, Hormone Imbalance, Chronic Yeast Infection, Emotional/Stress Disorder, etc.

Dr. Zhao helps male and female infertility patients to have babies natually or promoting the successful rate with patients under western medicine procesures such as IVF, VI GIFT etc.

Dr. Zhao uses different acupuncture points and Chinese herb prescriptions are chosen from the traditional Chinese medicine doctors' careful observation of the distinct syndromes and signs each patients exhibits. Rebalance the patients' hormone function, increase energy level, relieve stress and make menstruatioin regular, egg stronger, uterus stronger, all the female side working well so that the patients can conceive a baby naturally or ready to take reproduction therapy successfully.

Study found that acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine can imporve successfuly rate by 50% in Vitrofertilization. Clinical obervations from Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness suggests that the most effective treatment involve a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine.

Please refer to patience's testimony below (from Mrs. Danforth) and feel free to consult Dr. Zhao's office if have any questions.  

Doctor's Testimony

From Dr. Alan Bragman of North Decatur Chiropractic Clinic Tel. (404)325-2856

"I first met Dr. Qi Chang Zhao at year 1999 when he treated me for a herniated disc in my cervical spine. I was initially referred to him by a doctor that worked with me at the Blue Cross/Shield plan of Georgia. Prior to treating with Dr. Zhao I was having tremendous pain, parasthesia and radiculopathy in my upper extremities, and was seriously contemplating surgery. Dr. Zhao treated me using a combination of Chinese medicine and Tui Na. After only a few weeks of treatment my pain and symptoms began to decrease dramatically. After a few months my symptoms had almost completely resolved thanks to the excellent treatment from Dr. Zhao. Not only is Dr. Zhao a highly skilled physician but he is also a very kind and caring person. We have become personal friends, and I have referred several friends and patients to him over the years with excellent results. "   

Patients' Testimony

From Kathy Danforth Atlanta, GA

"During the last eight years, two of my sons and I have been patients of Dr. Zhao and have been helped through both acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. We have found Dr. Zhao to be very kind, and also to be highly skilled in the 5000-year-old art of traditional Chinese medicine.

During this time, I have received acupuncture and have experienced relief of pain from back and neck injuries, a broke wrist, uterine fibroid, headaches and sinusitis. Additionally, I had previously lived with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Both of these conditions have tremendously improved and almost completely disappeared with the use of traditional Chinese herbal teas. Also during this time, I was informed by my gynecologist that it was unusual for him to find that my large uterine fibroid had actually shrunk! Finally, after having experienced problems with infertility and miscarriage, I can now happily report that I am the mother of a healthy two-year-old!

My eighteen-year-old son has been diagnosed within the high-functioning autistic spectrum. This has had a major effect in the lives of all members of my family, but especially in the life of my son. We had previously tried to help him with prescription medications, without success. However, the gentle and natural traditional Chinese herbal medicine "takes the edge off" his anxiety and helps him to live a happier and easier life than he would without them, all without side effects. During the years in which we have seen Dr. Zhao for acupuncture, my son has experienced dramatic improvements in behavior, attitude and focus at several critical times in his educational history. Additionally, he and I ave both experienced a feeling of peacefulness from acupuncture that seems to last for a significant period of time.

Another son of mine, now sixteen, has previously diagnosed with ADHD. He too has been helped with focus in school through traditional Chinese herbal teas. At this time, he no longer seems to need any help to remain focused and purposeful in school.

Both acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine have been extremely beneficial to my sons and myself. For this reason, I have encouraged people I have known trough the years to experience these wonderful ancient healing arts. I will always be grateful to Dr. Zhao for his help and kindness in our lives."

- Kathy Danforth  

From Trudi C. Dido Atlanta, GA

"I have been treated by Dr. Zhao and his staff for eleven years. They have helped me clear a bladder infection, sore throat, flu symptoms, blood sugar regulation, hypertension and injuries due to accidents.

He has used Tui Na Massage, acupuncture & herbal teas where appropriate.

I believe this style of medical treatment suits me very well and I will continue to consult his team for health issues.

I highly recommend Dr. Zhao to you!" - Trudi Dido  

From Tim Mackesey Atlanta, GA

"Dr. Zhao has been helping my family and friends since 2001. He has helped with chronic illness, arthritis, back pain and several other acute conditions. I was found comfort in knowing that not only Dr. Zhao is from a tradition Chinese medicine family who practiced for several generations but he is also NCAAOM certified in the states in acupuncture and herbal medicine. Let Dr. Zhao introduce you to traditional Chinese medicine - a craft with more than 2000 years of evidence." - Time Mackesey

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