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About Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal tea is a very important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been used in China and around the world for more than 5000 years. The herbal tea combines different Chinese herbs and helps to treat the root of the illness. It can cure your illness, rebalance your body, and spring you back to health and wellness.

Over 400 individual herbs have been identified and used in herb shops. These herbs include flowers, roots, bucks, peels and fruits. Each herb has its own special function. Different herb prescriptions are chosen based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor's careful observation of the distinct symptoms and signs each patient exhibits.

Any herbal formula is selected based on one's symptoms, body constitution, emotional temperament, and other formula may contain 6-18 herbs to treat the disease, which prompted one to seek treatment, as well as consitution. The formulas are intricately desinged for safety. Assigning the herbs to particular strategy of the formula does this. Typically there is one particular formula that is correct at any given time for an individual's condition. When one formula will not accomplish the desired result, Dr. Zhao will modify and tailor a formula to meet specific needs.

At Dr. Zhao's clinic the only herbs we use are those having an FDA approval seal. Therefore, they are safe and all natural. They contain no sulfates, chlorine, aluminum, nor phosphates.

For added convenience, patients can also take Chinese herb tablets and herb powder while away from home. Howerver, it is best recommended that Chinese herbal tea be taken while the conditions permit.

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